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We have a large selection of caskets available, some of them include: military, metal, wood caskets.

For the first time in as many years, you have the opportunity to purchase military caskets, metal caskets, wood caskets, custom made caskets, pet caskets, grave markers as well as cremation urns direct from retail outlets in California at prices significantly lower than those charged by licensed funeral directors.

U.S. Judge Ruling Gives You a Choice In Buying Caskets and Urns.

John M. Harris Co., and his Cemetery & Funeral Consultants sell caskets, granite grave markers and cremation urns directly to the public that were once available only from funeral directors to the public up to (50) fifty percent less than what the average funeral home would charge.

In 1994, the Federal Trade Commission ruling was in favor of the consumers. The FTC gave you the right to use a third party casket, grave marker or cremation urn. This ruling also denied funeral homes the right to charge a "handling fee" or to increase prices of other services to make up for the high profit they were making on caskets and cremation urns.


Because there are many important issues regarding caskets sizes we recommend that you call our office to speak with our staff when purchasing a casket.

Height and weight of an individual are just two of the important factors.



Hot News:::

Consumer Advocacy Group Files Antitrust Litigation Against Big 3, Batesville

As widely reported in the news last week, Funeral Consumer Alliance, together with several individual consumers, filed a private antitrust lawsuit in a northern California federal district court against Service Corporation International, Alderwoods, Stewart Enterprises and Hillenbrand Industries/Batesville Casket Company. The litigation seeks standing as a class action on behalf of consumers throughout the United States who were allegedly overcharged for caskets during the last four years. Plaintiffs claim that defendants violated federal and state antitrust laws through alleged price-fixing agreements among themselves, alleged group boycotts and engaging in an alleged conspiracy to monopolize the casket market to the detriment of consumers and independent casket dealers.

The complaint also identifies alleged "co-conspirators" that have not thus far been named as defendants, including Aurora Casket Company, The York Group, and the National Funeral Directors Association. The complaint's only reference to the ICFA was to note its open competition policy, stating that the ICFA criticizes state laws that limit casket sales exclusively to licensed funeral directors.

Plaintiffs seek a permanent injunction to restrain alleged illegal conduct, and treble damages plus interest as compensation for overcharges, among other forms of relief. Typically, antitrust litigation of this scope proceeds slowly over a long period with a number of procedural challenges to be decided by the court prior to focusing on the issues. Such challenges include whether the plaintiffs have standing to sue and whether the complaint should be dismissed for a failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.





military casketsMilitary Caskets
Military Caskets for those who defended "Our Country" Honorably and Valiantly. Available are Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard. Prices range from $2495.00 and up.

metal casketsMetal Caskets
Many various styles too choose from. Prices range from $600.00 and up.

wood casketsWood Caskets
Various woods types to choose from. Availability in Mahogany, Cherry, Poplar, Pine, Maple and Oak. Prices range from $395.00 and up.

custom made casketsCustom Caskets
Are you looking for a special paint color for your loved ones casket?

pet casketsPet Caskets
Custom Pet Caskets to your specifications, usually within 72 hours. Call for a custom quote.

Fireman's Casket
An unbelievable and "one of kind" display of the danger faced by all of our servants who protect and save us from fires. Truly a tribute.





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