Do-It-Yourself Coffins BookDo-It-Yourself Coffins Book

firefighter art caskets Art Theme Caskets

Art Theme Caskets, a great selection for you to choose from. Prices will vary on casket selection. Typical savings over the mortuary for these art caskets is up to one third less. Check our casket prices in your [imwb_cgt_cityName] area and compare.

military caskets Metal Caskets

Metal Caskets, a great selection for you to choose from. Prices range from $895.00 and up. Typical savings over the mortuary is up to one third less. Check our casket prices and compare.

military caskets Military Caskets

Military Caskets for those who defended “Our Country” Honorably and Valiantly. Available are Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard. Prices range from $2895.00 and up.

grave markers, granite monuments, cremation benches, bronze markersGranite Headstones & Monuments

Various grave marker types to choose from. Availability in flat bronze or granite grave markers as well as upright granite monuments can be customized for your neighborhood [imwb_cgt_cityName] cemetery. Price ranges vary based on material, size of grave markers being requested, color, photos or other special requests needed.

bronze cremation urns, cloisonne urns, ceramic urnsCremation Urns

Many various styles too choose from. Prices range from $30.00 and up.

funeral flowers, funeral arrangements, flower arrangements for funeralsFuneral Flowers & Sympathy Flowers

This lovely fan-shaped arrangement can be delivered to the [imwb_cgt_cityName] area, with its soft traditional shapes, it displays just the kind of loving tribute that you want to send.

cemetery lots, burial plots, cemetery property, burial plotsCemetery Property For Sale

Available for resale, cemetery lots in your area now. Available are cemetery plots, lawn crypts, mausoleum crypts and columbarium niches. Price ranges vary, based on location, availability and current owner/s selling price.

bronze flower vases, bronze vases, cemetery vases, flower vasesFlower Vases

Are you looking for bronze flower vases for your bronze markers? These cemetery flower vases will allow you to place a full bouquet of flowers on your loved ones grave.

wood casketsBuild Your Own Casket

Absolutely the finest and simplest set of plans, for someone inclined to do woodworking or just handy with wood, to build their own casket. The personalization of making a casket for a loved one has been reported to offer a deep satisfaction.

private family mausoleums, private family estates, family estatesPrivate Family Mausoleums

Custom Family Mausoleums built to your specifications, Call for a custom quote. Prices are based on color, design, weight and distance.

funeral books, books on funerals, planning arrangements for funeralsBooks

We have put together a collection of books to help you in planning for your loved ones future burial.

Donating Cemetery Property for a Tax Deduction as a gift to a Charitable Organization.